Stefano Iavarone is a professional direct-response copywriter and digital marketing strategist.

His mission is to work with ambitious and top entrepreneurs to get their message out to the world in a creative and strategic manner, help them transform the world into a better place and make more revenue in return.

Stefano Iavarone - Your High Conversion Scaling Copywriter

About Stefano Iavarone

3 Reasons You Should NOT Be Here:

Hi, I’m Stefano Iavarone.

I’m 28, and I’m from a small island in the Mediterranean called Malta.

I have a fiancee, Kristina.

Together, we embarked on a journey to help entrepreneurs grow…

Potentially people like you.

But my guess is, this isn’t the story you want to hear.

You’re probably thinking, “What’s in it for me?”

Or, “Can this guy help me get what I want?”

I don’t want to waste my time or yours.

So here are 3 reasons why you should not be here.

You’re looking for an easy, overnight success without any hiccups

If this is who you are, then I can’t help you.

I’m not Harry Potter, waving a magic wand.

We’re in a world where everyone wants everything right there, right now.

But advertising doesn’t work like that.

Great advertising and digital marketing is about strategy, creativity and patience…

It’s about empathy and understanding.

All these great things are similar to what makes the most beautiful things in life.

Here’s the thing:

Repetitively successful digital marketing is all about one thing:

Creating such a spark with each prospect in your audience that it starts a relationship.

And every time you talk to them, that relationship grows a bit further.

And like a relationship of any successful couple…

It needs patience, creativity, and more sparks.

Sometimes, things don’t go as well as expected.

So you learn from it, and keep moving forward.

It doesn’t sound sexy like an overnight revenue duplicator.

Or an event that promises you 10X your monthly profits within 48 hours.

But it works.

You’re not serious about scaling your business or you don’t want to advertise

Have you ever heard of someone…

Maybe a family member, relative or friend…

Who’s always complained about pain in their body…

Yet they never went to a doctor until it was way too late?

And then they went, the doctor prescribed them some pills…

And they didn’t take the pills as ordered?

Yet they still complained about their pain?

I know someone like that…

She’s nearly 80, always complaining about pain in her legs…

Yet never did blood tests in over 40 years.

This is a very familiar concept for a lot of business owners…

Who always think about growing and scaling their business…

But never take any action.

They end up in a constant loop of referrals and local clients.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with that if that’s who you are.

Many business owners simply want to have a business that generates $X income per month for them…

And after that, they don’t want to think about their business anymore.

If that’s who you are, and you’re close to or you’ve achieved those $X per month…

Then congratulations!

You’re already in a great place for your goals.

You might also be someone who doesn’t want to advertise.

Whether it’s fear of loss or the inability to visualise the results for your specific business…

The reality is that the entrepreneurs I find myself repeatedly in contact with…

Are those that want to massively grow their businesses and help make tremendous impact in the world.

And they understand that to do so, we need to advertise.

If that’s not who you are, that is ok.

If you deal in questionable or unethical practices, I won’t help you

My mission is to support high-performing entrepreneurs make a massive positive impact on humanity and the world.

That’s why I live by a set of values.

I’m a supporter for equality and women’s rights.

I donate to WWF and other wild animal NGOs every month.

I’m a big believer in free speech, critical thinking and constructive criticism.

I also hate deceitful marketing.

I don’t work with MLMs, gambling, or the tobacco industry.

Because of my mission and experience, the best people that I can help…

Are those in the service-based industry or that at the very least, have 1 service at the core of their primary offer.

Such as coaches, consultants, course creators, and SaaS entrepreneurs.

Where their mission is to provide tremendous positive value to the world.

Still Here?

Here's What I Think About You:

If you’re still here, this is probably for you.

You’re an entrepreneur or a business owner.

You have good results but want to scale well beyond 6 and 7 figures.

More importantly, you are desperate to make a difference.

To improve thousands of people’s lives.

To change the world and make it a better place.

Whether it’s with your story, your invention, your teaching methods…

Learned lessons from your past, a community you’ve started to build.

You Are Alive.

You are not sitting around and hoping someone will hear your voice.

You feel responsible to make a difference.

You feel it’s your mission to build bridges.

It’s your duty to connect with thousands and millions of hearts and minds.

And you want it so much that you wake up everyday…

Ready to take action.

Ready to take a leap of faith into the unknown.

Ready to swim in untested waters.

You know that without you, the world will not be in a better place.

But with you, your team, and your mission…

Humanity can take a step forward.

Freedom is celebrated.

Wildlife and the environment is safeguarded.

Minds, successes, revenue and achievements rise to greater proportions.

Whether it’s with your course, your voice, your words or your platform…

You’re the frontrunner of your mission.

And each of the people who you touch, turn into heroes.

Better humans. Successful, empowered people.

Happier and fulfilled.

If that’s you, I wanna take you on a journey.

One that starts with your mission.

A journey that starts from today.

Cause our past is the embodiment of our future.

What made you who you are today is because of your past.

It’s because of your challenges, your struggles.

All the things that you’ve overcome to start a business…

And to get it to the success where it is today.

Yet, for the future to be different than today, you can’t do the same things that helped you arrive where you are.

Cause they will not get you very far.

Not if you truly want to massively scale.

The Problem With Scaling In 2021

Imagine a crowd of people, all gathered together.

They’re all in the same place, same hour, and same day.

A huge stage is in front of them.

And on that stage is a group of people.

They’re actors and they’re freestyling.

The crowd is all together and they’re raising their voice…

Shouting loudly at the people on the stage.

“Dance like this,” yells a little girl.

“Kiss him,” screams a woman at a lady on stage.

“Beat the crap out of him,” shouts a group of teens.

A crowd of a few hundred people, all shouting different messages.

Some have a tiny voice, others a more tough arghh, rough voice.

Yet one thing is clear.

Almost all of them are shouting at the same level.

With all the confusion and chaos…

The actors on stage can barely hear anything.

Not that they can’t hear any voices…

But there’s so much noise that they almost become…



Among the bright white lights on stage…

That makes looking and identifying the audience extremely difficult…

All their voices seem to merge into what most would call…

Background noise.

Except for a few people in that audience who have exceptionally loud voices…

Everyone else’s shouts and screams become unheard.

The actors’ attention shifts every few seconds…

From the thoughts in their head determining their next freestyle move…

To understanding those loudest voices and doing as they ask.

All night, till the theatre closes and everyone goes home.

A typical theatre hosts a few hundreds of people.

Yet the same happens on social media every day.

3.96 Billion of active social media users…

And the absolute majority of businesses are trying to scream and shout as loud as possible…

Yet, their message blends and merges with everyone else…

Similar to the voices of their direct, and indirect competitors.

What Used To Work Won’t Work For Much Longer

You probably already know that to scale up, you can’t continue doing what you’ve been doing.

You can’t be a one-person team.

And for sure you can’t depend on inconsistent methods to get customers…

Like brand organic social media posting, referrals, podcasts or blogs.

While these methods are great for building a community…

They are not directly responsible for bringing you new customers and lifelong clients.

They are great for building trust and getting your audience to know you.

But they are not your scaling solution.

Think about it…

If you had to triple the amount of effort, time and money that you spent on these methods…

Would your revenue triple per month?

Would you get 3X new customers per month?

Unless you have a massive lead base, an unlimited number of funds…

And a huge team that can do it for you…

And you’re running campaigns for high-ticket events on your award-winning podcast…

It is extremely unlikely that these will actually help you scale your business.

What will help you scale is advertising.

Powered with high-converting funnels and a well-oiled strategic backend…

That works for you and brings you a high ROI, even if social media platforms change their algorithms…

Even if your cost per lead or cost per customer increases in the future.

Sitting on these three pillars is copywriting.

The words that you can use to convince your audience – cold, warm or hot – to follow you, listen to you and buy from you.

You use copywriting already today to grow your business…

From your ads to emails, your landing and sales pages, even your website.

Maybe you’re so familiar with your messaging, that it now becomes natural for you to just write a new email…

Or build a new webinar.

But there is a rising problem that most entrepreneurs – and most copywriters included – don’t know about.

Digital marketing and copy is not like 5 years ago.

I’m not referring to the tech of it.

Let me ask you a quick question…

How easy was it for you to find information online about marketing and copywriting?

Maybe take a course, read a few books like Rusell’s Secrets books…

Maybe even get a set of templates or a copywriting “AI software” to help you out.

And if you’re not doing this, your current copywriter might be using these too.

There’s nothing essentially wrong with them.

They’re good companions.

But what happens when coaches are saying the same things, running the same ads, have the same headlines, sales pages and funnels?

What happens when competing SaaS companies are shouting the same message…

Fighting over features and the number of pricing packages?

Here’s what happens:

Everyone starts losing customers.

People get bored of seeing the same old messages.

They start spotting ads on social media before their eyes even hover on the “Sponsored” message.

And they’re already doing that.

Like most copywriters, I spend a lot of time researching…

Learning what top marketers are doing…

What different industries are doing in their ads, funnels and websites…

And I’ve been seeing the same patterns.

Most business owners and copywriters using the same ads.

The same headlines, the same hooks.

All extracted from templates other copywriters and marketers love to sell…

And so-called “AI” software that supposedly should generate you great copy that crushes your sales history…

This disease of templated copy crap will only result in one scenario…

A nuclear bomb in conversion rates.

And if you’re suffering from this plague of templated infestation…

The reality is that you’re on a high-speed chase to doom.

Cause it won’t be long before audiences are fed up of seeing the same thing over and over.

It’s only natural for us humans to detect patterns…

And it’s been proven over and over again in market sophistication…

That once that point is reached, there is no going back.

In order to win in any market, especially in the service-based industries…

You need to start thinking ahead and get yourself to the next blue ocean.

You need to speak to your audience in a way that is unique to you and different from the competition…

The Alternative: Interactive Authentic Copy

The traditional coined phrase “Interactive Marketing” refers to the combination of digital and non-digital marketing.

But that’s not what I’m referring to.

The reality is, with so much competition that’s thriving from all the templated ads, funnels and emails…

There’s a major lack of authentic connectivity with your audience.

An attraction that hooks your prospects to a point where they feel genuinely intrigued.

That’s exactly what can make you different than anyone else…

Especially competitors using templated, generic and “safe” copy.

Take a look at your own messaging…

Your emails, ads, sales pages…

And compare it with your top competitors.

How unique is your message compared to theirs?

If it’s not that unique, then you might be suffering from the template plague.

Which will ultimately put you in prospects jail.

“Prospects jail” is when not enough prospects care about you or your message.

They don’t feel the connection with you, and stop being bothered to listen.

If they don’t listen, they’ll never buy.

Cause their subconscious mind builds a barrier between their eyes and your message.

To change this, you need to create a unique and consistent connection.

In a way where your message, your copy, literally becomes an interactive conversation with your prospect.

To do that, you need to use creative angles, stories, and a lot of authentic personal emotion in your message.

How Can I Help You Achieve This?

I’ll share with you:

  1. Actionable insights, strategies and tactics you can implement right now in your business
  2. Hooks, ideas and real stories that will change how you promote your offers and make them look completely different than your competitors
  3. My own offers

Can you believe I flat out told you I’ll send you my own offers?

Why would I do that?

Cause you’re not stupid.

The reason you’re on this page and still reading is because what I’m telling you resonates with you.

You want to improve your business and your impact with your audience.

And I can help you do that.

When you’re fed up of doing it yourself or hiring a dozen different people to do it for you…

You’ll reach out and accept one of my offers to help you.

It’s a win-win, and until then, you’ll still be getting free actionable insights and unique ideas.

You’ll test them out in your business and say to yourself, “This dude’s stuff really works! I wonder what would happen if he does copywriting for me.”

Here’s My Sales Pitch To You:

Sign up for my curated newsletter.

It’s not like any other newsletter. It’s raw, authentic and irregular.

Then, opt for one of my free resources.

If they help you, consider buying my stuff or reaching out when I make you an offer.

Sounds fair?

Check out one of my free resources below.

Thank you for reading this page!

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Stefano Iavarone

Stefano Iavarone - Your Direct-Response Scaling Copywriter. Interactive Authentic Copy Is The Solution.

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