How I Work

The Interactive Authentic Copy Process

A 4+ Step Breakthrough Formula To Scale Your Business Fast

While Being True To Yourself And Your Audience

(For SaaS, PaaS, Coaches, And Entrepreneurs with High-Ticket Core Offers)

See What They See


I do a ridiculous amount of research to get to know your audience.

Age, gender, location, education, etc…

Whether they’re single or in a relationship…

Whether they have kids and how it affects their lives.

Feel What They Feel


I look past their outer shell to discover their inner core.

Their secret desires and true emotions.

What’s the most important for them? Time? Money? Admiration?

What do they want to achieve in their lives?

Who do they want to become?

Say What They Say


I learn to speak like their best friend.

What specific words do they identify with?

What phrases do they use?

Think What They Think


I get in touch with their reality to unfold their passions, their hobbies, their habits.

What are their favourite movies?

What do they frequently buy?

What experts do they follow?

What books do they read?…

When your audience feels that you understand them;

When they feel that you know them better than they know themselves;

When they see you acknowledge their dreams and their stories;

When they hear you speak the way they speak;


They are more likely to trust you and buy from you.

Because to them, you won’t be a sales person.

Instead, you’ll become their friend.

Regardless of what you sell.

Bonuses You Get For FREE


Yes, I am a direct-response copywriter.

But because my focus is to work with entrepreneurs who truly want to scale up…

And make the world a better place…

I know that you know that copywriting is a big investment for you.

When done correctly, it’s the best investment in your life and business…

But when not, it won’t just cost you a ton of money.

It will waste a lot of time in testing.

It will make your leads opt-out of your email marketing.

And it will stop people from buying from you.

That’s why, unlike most freelancers, I don’t just do copywriting.

I treat this like a business and treat you like a partner.

I don’t just want to give you great copy.

I want to help you build the best strategy for you.

And be pre-emptive in your tactics in an ever-changing market.

Especially with the challenges of social media algorithms constantly changing…

And typical copywriters pumping out templated copy generated by AI…

That doesn’t use the formula above and will soon stop creating an authentic connection with people.

So I’ll tell you what I really like about your business.

I’ll also tell you what I don’t like.

That way, I’m transparent and completely honest with you.

Your decisions. Your business.

My “partner-level” advice for your success.

Let’s create a massive impact on the world.

Your Business Is Your Baby

Do you remember how long it took you to start your business?

To get your first 10, 20 clients?

You probably had to work extremely hard to get where you are right now.

And it only happened because you put your absolute focus on it.

Just like a newborn baby, you took care of your business from A to Z.

You prioritised the most critical tasks, and you spent long hours on the efforts that got you your first few clients.

The truth is, just like a baby needs to be continuously taught and nurtured…

To become an awesome person with a great life and opportunities in the world…

So does your business need to be polished and constantly upgraded.

That’s why I partner with people in the best of their field to refine your business day in, day out.

If you need more than copy and strategy, you won’t need to search very far…