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The Top 10 Secrets To Scale Ridiculously Fast With Paid Advertising

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The Top 10 Secrets To Scale Ridiculously Fast With Paid Advertising

Inside This Free eBook You’ll Discover…

After years of studying the fundamentals of human psychology, copywriting and digital marketing, it’s becoming more evident that most entrepreneurs suffer from the same patterns when they try to scale their business.

In this book, you’re going to discover the TOP 10 fundamental components of scalable advertising, why they work and how to use them.

HINT: Even though this book is for entrepreneurs who are already doing paid advertising, you’ll want to read it too if you ever thought about marketing or advertising. Some of the principles apply for organic too!

Here are a few awesome things you’ll discover in this book:

  • The simple, yet explosively high-rewarding questions you need to ask about your prospects to laser-target your message and make sure you don’t waste your time, money and energy talking to the wrong prospects… pg. 9
  • The 3 super-common mistakes you might be doing with your ads right now that absolutely KILL your conversions… pg. 11
  • The 1980s practically-free tool that most entrepreneurs disregard even though it can increase your conversions by 88X… pg. 12
  • What you need to focus on if you’re serious about scaling (not doing this is the best way to struggle with cashflow month-to-month)… pg. 12
  • Why losing money on front-end ad campaigns could be your best secret weapon against your competitors… pg. 12
  • The 2 types of campaigns, which one matters most if you want to sell, and why… pg. 13
  • How to combine both types of campaigns so you can literally “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” for every $1 you spend on your ads… pg. 14
  • The only way to make your prospect care about you…and why nothing else matters… pg. 15
  • How to reverse-engineer your adspend to instantly know whether you need to go back to the drawing board or scale profitably on a consistent basis… pg. 16
  • The crazily frightening yet simple mistake you could be doing across your ads, posts, funnel pages, website and emails that instantly kills engagement, conversions and your connection with your prospect (this mistake should be illegal)… pg. 18
  • The 3 words that will immediately destroy your chance to use the same funnel or ad campaign for months and years while still remain profitable… pg. 19
  • What most copywriters will tell you…why they’re wrong and why most entrepreneurs end up giving their revenue away like a charity to social media ad platforms like Facebook without them even knowing!… pg. 20
  • The single component that needs to be a constant pillar across all your channels to scale confidently (unless you want to gamble your adspend)… pg. 21
  • The 2 “W”s that determine whether you’ll scale up or down… pg. 22
  • How you can leverage strategy and copywriting to consistently scale with advertising and still remain profitable if social media algorithms change and raise your cost-per-lead sky high… pg. 22
  • How to get 1 “sales person” to sell to thousands of your prospects and customers without having to be on-call, literally 24/7/365… pg. 22
  • How you can leverage my skills so you don’t have to waste months and years learning human psychology, copywriting and digital marketing to write your own highly-persuasive copy, and treat me as a results-based “partner”

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