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ebook cover The Top 10 Secrets To Scale Ridiculously Fast With Paid Advertising
The Top 10 Secrets To Scale Ridiculously Fast With Paid Advertising

Discover the TOP 10 fundamental components of scalable advertising, why they work and how to use them.


Want to sell more for less?

You’re paying a fortune in effort, time and money to get leads and convert them into clients.

Whether you’re doing SEO, content marketing, a podcast, ads, funnels or emails…

If your audience isn’t compelled to listen to you AND take action, you will always struggle with revenue.

In terms of paid advertising, that usually means low-quality leads or a very expensive cost per customer.

If your message, your copy, isn’t specifically created for your target audience…

In a way that creatively hooks them, entertains, helps them and is empathic with them, you will always lose.

Here's what I can help you with:

I am a High-Conversion Inbound Copywriter

Writing for your success

 Copywriting is the language of revenue 

The only way to sell is by expression.

The only expression you can use digitally? Words.

The ads, funnels, videos, emails, your webinars.

They all have expressive persuasive words, aka. copywriting.

(In short, “copy”).

Digital Paid Advertising

Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads
Google Ads

Funnel, Landing, and Sales Page Copy

Landing Pages
Sales Pages

Content Marketing

Social Media Posts
Video Scripts
YouTube video headlines & descriptions

I work with my fiancée, Kristina, who’s a content writer with over 50 published articles.

We also have access to a team of media buyers and designers.

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Stefano’s mission is to work with ambitious and top entrepreneurs to get their message out to the world in a creative and strategic manner, help them transform the world into a better place and make more revenue in return.

Insights from the trenches...

Close up of eye
Ad for a Clickbank Supplement offer
A sample Facebook ad for a Clickbank Supplement offer
real estate got referrals
3 ads for a real estate agents referral offer
A set of FB ads targeting real estate agents for a free+shipping magazine referral offer
matrix style green corrido falling numbers
Network Marketing Email
A warm email at the end of a sequence for a Network Marketing Academy launch
Ad Creative batman popups
3 Ads for a popup SaaS platform
A set of FB ads for a SaaS platform to attract a cold & warm audience for their 7-day free trial
hand grasping bed sheet
Sales Page for a dating & sex coach mastermind
A new sales page for a $97 mastermind focused on helping women take full control of their orgasms
valentines day relationship concept
FB Retargeting ad to BoFu offer
This is part of a retargeting campaign for a warm audience that has taken a previous offer but didn’t take the BoFu upsell.

What People are Saying

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"Partner in Business guarantee"


I’m not selling you words.

I’m not selling you dreams.

I’m selling you results.

More leads. More revenue. Better conversion rates.

I’ll help you with the strategy. And I’ll write copy for you.

If you don’t like my copy, let me know within 30 days after I send it to you, and ask for your money back.

You’ll get a full refund, AND I’ll do the work again – for FREE.

Just like a partner in business: If you win, I win.

You hit your quality and targets.

Or I don’t get paid.

Sounds good?

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