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About Stefano Iavarone

Stefano is an email direct response copywriter,
with a background in tech, health, and product.

He uses a proven systematic approach to writing consistently better personal brand and sales copy. He learned from top copywriters and marketers in the industry – people who helped build BioTrust, VShred, Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, Clickfunnels, Billy Gene, Subri Suby, and Dan Lok.

He also has hundreds of health articles published on top peer-reviewed health news sites, including Medical News Today and Healthgrades.

What People are Saying

  • “Stefano really knows how to hook a reader with his creative storytelling and powerful headlines. But what I appreciate most is how much work he puts into research; something a lot of copywriters skim past nowadays. That’s why he’s always over-delivering. I highly recommend!”

    Donald Cole

  • “If you want a copywriter that’s gonna give you results and blow your mind. Stefano is your guy! Stefano absolutely blew me out the water with the results he got me, and I would attest his success to his instinctive ability to understand and connect to the audience. And then on top of that, writes…

    John Oladosu

  • “Stefano has written and updated over 300 articles for MedicalNewsToday, working across various topics and content types. He is responsive to feedback from editors and readily adapts to changes in our style guide. Stefano is punctual and reliably submits articles before or by deadlines. He is courteous and professional in his interactions with the team.”

    Alice Porter

Want to sell more for less?

Here’s what I can help you with

  • Attract more leads and buyers
  • Increase your open and click rates
  • Avoid going to spam
  • Avoid landing in the promotions tab
  • Build incremental trust with your leads
  • Make more money, every month

Email Samples

Here are some of my top emails. Click on any of the below to open the full email download-curve-arrow


How my mom beat chemo

The doctor was surprised when he saw the results after skipping on a 3rd round of chemo…

Prevention vs Cure

Here’s proof of how standard healthcare is corrupting you and your paycheck….

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