Common ingredient #1 cause of acid reflux

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Subject Line: This common restaurant ingredient is #1 cause for acid reflux

Dear [Name],

Did you know there’s a really common ingredient responsible for acid reflux and all that comes with it?

Gas.. bloating… arthritis… shortness of breath…

And a rush to the bathroom after every meal?

Acid reflux’s no joke, especially when you’re eating or having a drink with family and friends…

And worrying about a night of stomach pain and no sleep.

Here’s the thing…

This ingredient is also one of the top #3 culprits of most long-term health problems, such as diabetes and metabolic disease.

And many of the top nutrition experts today say it’s worse than sugar.

It’s vegetable oil!

You may know it by other names, such as rapeseed oil, canola oil, and sunflower oil…

And all of them wreck havoc to the human body.

Here’s the thing: These vegetable oils are not from vegetables at all!

They are made from seeds, such as corn seeds.

Have you ever tried squeezing a rapeseed to get its oil out?

It’s literally impossible cause they’re so hard.

That’s why the seeds go through a hella lot of processing to get the oil out…

Turning them into an overdose of omega-6 pro-inflammatory oil.

So when you go and cook with it…

Or go to a restaurant and order any food that’s fried in this oil…

The pro-inflammatory omega-6 get heated and reheated (making it worse every time)

And when you eat, not only you’re spiking up your inflammation levels…

But the vegetable oil eats away your stomach lining.

Guess what you have in the stomach to digest food properly?


So when that stomach lining is chewed away, the acid escapes and raises your blood and cell tissue acidity level, which leads to all sorts of problems…

  • Wrinkles
  • Constipiation
  • Diabetes
  • Heart attack
  • Cancer

So what if you stop eating vegetable oils?

EVEN if you switch to using grass-fed butter at home…

Ask every restaurant you go to which cooking oil they use – and order uncooked salads or platters if they do use vegetable oils…

Your body can take months to recover from the inflammation and restore your stomach lining to its prime state.

Time you probably don’t wanna spend worrying about stomach pain and sleepless nights.

The upside is, it’s possible to restore your body to its natural alkaline state and recover from the acidity overdose much faster…

So you can get back to enjoying delicious food as nature intended with family and friends without worrying about rushing to the bathroom.

Here’s how…


P.S. You may have heard from doctors to eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day. BUT – some of these are highly acidic, making it impossible to restore your healthy alkaline state. 

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