Prevention vs Cure

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Subject Line: read this before taking your meds

Subject Line: your meds prescription, [Name]


Here’s proof of how standard healthcare is corrupting you and your paycheck.

A recent study by the Mayo Health Clinic found the average US citizen over the age of 50 is taking 15+ prescription pills a day!

That means if you’re over 50 and not taking any prescription pills, you’re one of the lucky ones.

And if you’re under 50, it’s only a matter of time.

Cause the reality is, big pharma doesn’t prioritize cures. 

Finding a cure is extremely expensive.

Whereas life-long treatment is how they make the big bucks.

Think about it for a second – do you know anyone who is taking blood pressure or type 2 diabetes medication?

Chances are they’ve been taking them for a very long time.


Newsflash: Both medications don’t cure a thing.

All they do is postpone the problem so people can live slightly longer.

Blood pressure medication lowers blood pressure until the next pill.

Type 2 diabetes medication lowers blood sugar until your next intake.

All they’re doing is keeping the body from spiking up until the next dose.

Which is why most people on these medications have to take them every day.

And what happens when these same people still spike up?

Their doctors up the dose of their medications!

It’s a constant circle that doesn’t really solve the core problem.

See, there is strong research – including by Harvard – that suggests high blood pressure is a result of high inflammation in the body.

And type 2 diabetes is a result of high insulin response.

Yet, these medications do not permanently remove inflammation or restore the body’s insulin levels to pre-diabetes.

They treat the effect instead of the cause.

It’s like vacuuming the house with open windows in a sandstorm!

Which is why depending on these meds doesn’t work.

What the body needs is less inflammation and lower insulin levels.

Two things that you can get with a strict keto diet.

See, proper keto eliminates high-inflammatory foods and all types of sugars…

Which helps the body restore itself and rid itself of these conditions.

But to do that, you need to stay consistent with keto.

Otherwise, you’ll just postpone the problem again, just like taking prescription meds.

Consistently Keto is designed to keep you consistent and long-term with keto, thus getting all those benefits.

Check it out here: [LINK]


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